About the Competition

The city’s identity is its memory, made up from layers of history that design the city’s spirit; its culture, which includes its architecture, urban landscape, music, food, language, domestic and commercial spaces and of course its PEOPLE. Violent events erase this identity. Throughout history, in Lebanon, there has been a systematic erasing of the Lebanese identity. In every era different identities inhabited Lebanon and left their traces on the city.

Beirut Explosion in the city port on 4 August 2020 destroyed half of the capital of Lebanon. It violated most of Beirut recently reconstructed historical areas known as: Gemayeseh, Ashrafiyeh, Mar Mikael… These neighborhoods contained people’s lives, heritage houses, co-habiting with undiscovered archeological layers beneath the modern Beirut. With Lebanon facing an economic crisis, a health crisis COVID19, the explosion added an unprecedented disaster that left more than: Around 200 people dead, 5000 wounded and 300,000 people displaced. The accident caused an immense damage to the city’s spirit: Its people, architecture, urban landscape, its business and food eco-system.

The explosion not only claimed people’s lives but impacted heavily their everyday practices; misplacing people away from their familiar spaces, their homes. Streets that were full of shops, people, and activities transformed into ghost town and fell into a sad silence apart from the energy of the young Lebanese who took to the streets to clean their city. Beirut’s identity which spans over 6 million years of habitable history is in an urgent need of the world creative community to offer solutions that support the Lebanese community with impactful solution.

The aim of the Identity competition is to bring back joy, happy activities and the resilience to all Lebanese people by reinventing hope and revitalizing Beirut and its spirit. The Phoenix is rising from the ashes to relive, reconstruct and rebuild communities.

This competition is open to the world design community – students, professionals and to anyone, who is willing to offer impactful environmental and identity solutions to disastrous communities and to anyone is willing to help Lebanon during its time of crisis. The competition is for people to #designforpeace for rebuilding the Beirut community spirit.
The submissions could be media campaigns, posters, prospective solutions, workshop proposals or a project, a research project proposal, or e.g. conceptual urban design proposals. As long as, the idea has a positive impact on the Lebanese community and there is a real understanding and respect to the regional Lebanese and Beirut identity and the Lebanese and Beirut’s spirit.

The intellectual property rights IPR belong to the participants. The competition participants are welcomed to collaborate with a NGO to realize the submission, this will though have no consequences on the jury’s decision in the competition. The organizers may match a submission with a NGO.

An international jury from academia and practice as experts in design, culture, sustainability and the circular economy will serve the competition.

The winners get as recognition a certificate, the number of winners are a decision of the jury. The jury has also the right to award honorary mentions. Winners and any honorary mentions are subject to media releases by the organizers. An online showcasing of the winners will be set up in 2021.


  1. The best urban landscape (the streetscape) proposal;
  2. The best architectural proposal that addresses the Lebanese identity, rebuilding solutions, heritage conservation, material recycling, etc.;
  3. The best interior architecture proposal that addresses the Lebanese identity, rebuilding solutions, heritage conservation, material recycling, etc.;
  4. The best food sustainability solutions (security, management, circular economy, etc.);
  5. The best small business (business solutions, rebuilding business eco-system, rebuilding lives, networking solutions, etc.)

Categories will be judged separately and will not compete against each other. The jury has the authority to shift the submission into another category and it has the right to recognize several winners and honorary mentions per each category.


The jury will select from each category according to the following competition criteria:

  1. Comprehensive research of Beirut identity;
  2. Relevance/purposefulness of the proposal to the Lebanese community and to the current crisis;
  3. Potential of the proposal to offer innovative impactful solutions to the Lebanese community and its application into a tangible design project;
  4. Understanding of Beirut identity.

What to submit

The submission is free. The submission is not limited to one category nor number of entries by one participant. The participant can be an individual or a team of people. The submission shows an impactful prospective design solution that address how to preserve or brand Beirut Identity by any of the following;

  1. Poster
  2. Design proposal
  3. Media campaign
  4. Workshop proposal
  5. Research or a project proposal


Submissions deadline is 5 pm on Friday, 18 December 2020 CET

Competition winners will be announced by 19 March 2021

Inquiries — in case of a firewall, please contact.

Food 4 Thought


Dolly Daou:Food Design Lab

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, Nantes, France

Zareh Sarabian

Alba, Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts, Lebanon

Nicolas Brouté

Les Campus des Agricultures at ESA (École Supérieure d’Agricultures) Angers, France
in collaboration with Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges in Art, Design and Media


To be announced soon.