My name is Gayatri Re, I am 13years old. I want to believe in change, I want to believe in a different world. Recostruction, resilience, peace, prosperity, sense of community, belonging, union, harmony, sharing, and welcome. My project contains all these words together in one place that represents the Libanese tradiction aesthetically but that welcomes within itself what tradition is not.

The building has clear references to Lebanese architectural art, in particular to the Palace of the Emir of Beiteddine, with arches, stones, stained glass windows; inside it contains various symbols of different religions.
The cedar, the symbol of Lebanon, is placed inside as if it were protected by the people around it, the same people who will help Beirut to rise again; it is something that must be done all together regardless of “what I believe in”.
The large vase containing the cedar is in tiles decorated with the symbols of religions.
Like the tree that draws nourishment from each of its roots, Beirut needs each of its citizens to be reborn without any differentiation.

Overview of the issue and your approach: Beirut is the meeting point of many cultures, traditions and religions; what I imagined is a physical and spiritual place where people belonging to different cults can pray side by side according to their own tradition.
Projects similar to this already exist but, like in Berlin or Bern, they only conceive the three monotheistic religions or have separate halls of worship. This project instead wants to enclose all the religions of the world in a single room without dividing the faithful into several buildings, with No Walls between them.
The essence of your solution: I want to create a place of peace where everyone can find comfort in prayer and meditation while having different roots. A place that is first of all recognized by the religious authorities and where
The stakeholders in your project: citizens, religious community
Agreement: Accepted