The Opinionated Pop Up

The Opinionated Pop Up project proposal focuses primarily on the current protests in Lebanon The project proposes to create different spaces in the city of Beirut to exhibit the revolutionary art of the population, with the purpose of giving the society the opportunity to express its opposition freely through art, to create a safe environment that promotes discussion, mutual respect, Lebanese identity and the unification of Beirut’s society to achieve a change.

The Opinionated Pop Up project proposal proposes to create basically small museums in different parts of the city of Beirut. To lower the cost of production and at the same time symbolize the strength of Beirut society to get something good out of a terrible event the Pop Ups will be built with the containers that were damaged by the explosion in Beirut harbor. The process of collecting the revolutionary art works will be made through an account on the Instragram social network. This would allow the population to easily share their works with The Opinionated Pop up account so that they can be exhibited in one of the city’s locations. The Instagram account would also serve as an online museum since all works that are displayed on the Opinionated Pop up would also be displayed on the Instagram account. The Pop Ups have two spaces, one to exhibit the revolutionary artworks and the other where an interactive exhibition would take place.This is so that visitors can not only appreciate the revolutionary art, but also share their opinion and join the cause to achieve a change.

Overview of the issue and your approach: After investigating the current protests in Beirut, the lack of freedom of expression, violence and oppression by the authorities On the other hand, taking into account the context of corruption, segregation, poverty and economic crisis, I decided that it would be best to create a project that could have a positive impact on various aspects of Beirut's society. That is why in designing the proposal I had in mind that I had to create a space that is not only easy and economical to build, but that also has several functions and a deep and long term impact on Beirut's society.
The essence of your solution: The Opinionated Pop Up is a project that proposes to create different spaces in the city of Beirut to exhibit the revolutionary art of the population.
The stakeholders in your project: All the population of Beirut.