Hello, and welcome to PortBeirut! For this competition, we have developed a project that tackles the issues of hunger and lack of public spaces in the city of Beirut. That said, we hope you enjoy your stay at our port.

PortBeirut is a proposal of safety, hope and sharing. In this public space, brought up together by volunteers using the leftover materials from the explosion, the citizens of Beirut can buy food for cheaper prices from local farmers, market owners and producers. We expect that diminishing hunger and turning bad memories into new, better ones will help the people look at their city in a different way, therefore, looking at themselves in a different way. We want to inspire the possibility for change, and that is the reason why PortBeirut was developed.

Please find the presentation here PortBeirut – Google Drive.
Thank you for this lovely opportunity, we hope you enjoy our presentation just as much as we enjoyed making it.
With best regards from the PortBeirut team: Frederike, Natália and Paula.

Overview of the issue and your approach: The explosions on the 4th of August of 2020 have not only damaged the city physically, destroying its main port and silo, but have also taken one of Beirut's most precious possession: its identity. The identity of a city is usually constituted by its architecture, food, languages, religions and, most importantly, its people. So, after weeks of extensive research, our team has found that right now, the people in Beirut are in need of something that helps them feel both the pride they once had for their city and the hope needed for a brighter future. That's why we have decided to focus on a public space solution, under the guidance of prof. Iris Utikal from KISD and the MA Jimmy Elias from Beirut.
The essence of your solution: Our project is, essentially, a public space made out of recycled materials from the explosion, in which people can sell food for cheaper prices.
The stakeholders in your project: Both governmental and private investors, and also the community for volunteering.
Agreement: Accepted