Ekhtiyarat Teta

Ekhtiyarat Teta focuses on two mains issues born after the tragedy of August 4th, the first issue is the closure of small businesses as a consequence of the economic crisis that hit the country this past year. And the second issue is a direct consequence of the immigration wave that hit the city. families are leaving Beirut for a better life abroad leaving behind the older generation especially the Teta’s (grandmother) who are suffering from loneliness and social isolation.

Ekhtiyarat Teta is a community both physical and virtual, that aims to promote small businesses present throughout the capital, Beirut. with the help of the famous Lebanese grandmothers.
Ekhtiyarat Teta promotes those small businesses chosen by Teta and gives them exposure and attracts more customers.
At Ekhtiyarat Teta we also offer another service called “tabekh teta” ( grandma’s homecooked meal) which is a meal by Teta and sold exclusively at those small shops.
The virtual platform target a younger audience less prone to visit these places. The application has many features that encourage the customers to visit and support those small beiruthy gems…

Overview of the issue and your approach: At the end of 2019, a massive economic crisis hit Lebanon, due to the Thawra ( rallies throughout the country to protest against the current political class), but also the covid 19 pandemic. Small businesses are shutting down every day. After August 4th, businesses that got impacted by the blast and already suffering from the economical crisis are closing massively throughout Beirut. At the same time, many families flee the country for a better and more stable life abroad, leaving behind and isolating the older generation.
Ekhtiyarat Teta translating grandma's choices" focuses on small culinary gems present all over the city, those small shops are mostly hidden and known only by Teta's. At Ekhtiyarat Teta, we promote those small businesses by giving them a mention and list them on our virtual platform. At the same time, we help Teta interact with people and give her a new hobby.
The essence of your solution: Ekhtiyarat Teta has one goal: keep small businesses alive by promoting them with the help of Teta, which will get her out of social isolation and let her interact with people.
The stakeholders in your project: The stakeholders are the owner of the small business, the consumers, the organizer, and the judge (Teta).